Designing Tools for High-Quality Alt Text Authoring

four subimages (a) the free-form authoring interface. the traditional alt text editing pane with the addition of bullets before the text box. the bullets say: “the subject(s) in detail, the setting, the actions/interactions, and “other relevant info” (b) the template authoring interface. an interface pane with 4 prompts each followed by an individual text box. ( c) and (d) the feedback interfaces below an image asking acceptable, unacceptable or offensive.
Caption: Interface variations that we tested with alt text authors: authoring interfaces (top) and feedback interfaces (bottom).

Results and Discussion

Differing alt text preferences among people using screen readers

Author experiences creating alt text with and without interface variations

Feedback interface outcomes

Automatic alt text views and effects




PhD Student at the University of Washington

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Kelly Mack

Kelly Mack

PhD Student at the University of Washington

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